When my mom first started the business, I was immediately attached to the amazing idea. This product will truly change lives. Though, when running a business, the product being sold is only half the story. Keeping track of inventory, managing pages and a website is key to an all-around successful business. That's where I come into play. I run the daily behind-the-scenes operations. When buying Potter's Raw Chocolate, you will feel the quality, and the beauty of what teamwork looks like.

Jack Brand




After years of unexplained illnesses and overall poor health, I was lucky to finally get a diagnosis: Celiac Disease. I say "lucky" because it allowed me to begin healing. I dreamed of creating raw (never heated over 105*F) chocolate that tasted amazing without most of the common allergens.

We lovingly make Potter's Raw Bars from scratch with natural ingredients that everyone can enjoy.

Wishing you and your family the best of health!

Love, Lisa-

Lisa Brand

Owner/Chocolate Maker